The love of literacy and sharing stories has always been important to us. We realize that now more than ever, we need stories to inspire, uplift, and help us experience a world outside our own. We are granting temporary permission for libraries, schools, bookshops, and comic stores to record reading aloud our titles, and titles previously published under the “Lion Forge” name, provided the following conditions are met: 

  • Prior to recording, please email with the below information:
    •  Title of the book you intend to read
    • Name and address of your school, library, store or organization
    • Contact information for the individual who will be reading the book
    • The location of where the recording will be hosted, with a link if possible. 
  • At the beginning of your video please state that the reading of this book is done “with the permission of Oni Press”.
  • Your introduction to the book should include the full title of the book and the full list of creators, as there are many individuals whose work makes comics and graphic novels possible. (You need not read Oni Press staff names)
  • If possible, please include the Oni Press logo at the beginning of your video and at the end. A copy of the Oni Press logo can be found here.
  • If possible, and if appropriate, please link to the website or the book’s listing in the Oni Press store.  
  • Videos should not be live streamed to any social media, but should instead be hosted on a private server or closed educational platform, with limited access for students, patrons, or customers. Reading live via Zoom in a closed setting such as a classroom or bookclub is permitted. 
  • If you do not have access to a closed platform, then you may post the video to YouTube provided the video is non-public, with the setting as “private” or “unlisted.” Instructions on how to do so can be found here.
  • All recordings should be disabled/deleted by May 31, 2022 unless you have received written permission from Oni Press stating otherwise. 
  • If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact

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