Can I buy your books & comics in bulk?

Our comics and graphic novels are available for wholesale purchase through our distributors:

  • Simon & Schuster — Graphic novels & trades
  • Diamond Comics — Single issues, international sales
  • Alliance — Games


What are your read aloud guidelines?

Please view this page for more information.

I'd like a review copy for my blog / social media. Can I get one?

Please fill out a social media request form here


I wrote a comic! Can I submit it or show you my portfolio?

Oni Press is not accepting unsolicited pitches at this time.

Can I track my order?

Yes, upon placing an order with us, you immediately receive an email sent from us ( — check your SPAM folder if you can't find it!). This email contains your order details. Once we ship it, you will receive another email with a tracking code which you can use to track your package.


What are your shipping rates and policies?

Shipping prices are calculated based on the weight of your package and your location. To get an exact quote, place the desired items in your cart and proceed to checkout (don't worry, you won't be charged) — enter your location to see what shipping would cost for you.


How often do you mail out orders?

We're a small team of people here, so generally speaking, we ship most items within five to 10 business days of receiving an order (exceptions being if we are waiting on more stock, if you’ve ordered multiple items and one is a pre-order or not in stock or what you’ve ordered is a pre-order).


International shipping rates are so expensive!

We know :/. We do our absolute best to keep shipping rates as low as possible but with our system, shipping costs are based off location and weight.


I live outside of the US and have been waiting for my order to arrive for a while — Where is it?!

If you've ordered from our US store (this website) and your order was shipped more than two weeks ago to a location outside of the US and still has not arrived, try contacting your local postal service. We're unfortunately unable to provide tracking for packages once they leave the US, but your local post office may have additional information. Occasionally, larger packages get held by Customs. (Please have ready the tracking number you received, as it may help them to locate your package more easily.)


I’m a fan of Rick and Morty and Invader Zim! I live outside the US but I’d like to buy them from you. Is that possible?

We’re so glad that you’re excited about our new Rick and Morty and Invader Zim comics. Unfortunately, due to territory restrictions, these are only available in the US and Canada. We’re sorry about that. We suggest that if you know anyone in either of those countries, you could have them receive the comics so they can send them your way. In the meantime, we’re looking into having Zim and Rick & Morty be available to other countries. UPDATE! Rick & Morty is now available in the United Kingdom!


My order arrived, but it was damaged in shipping. Can you replace it?

We know our items are collectibles, and we do our best to package them as carefully as possible. However, we know from experience that your individual comic or book may suffer some normal wear during the shipping process. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that, and the replacement would likely look the same. If you think your order suffered some extraordinary damage during shipping, or otherwise, please send an email to with your order number. Please be sure to include photos and/or videos showing the damage, and we’ll see what we can do.


Can I combine orders that I placed at different times?

Please email orders at with each order's unique order number and we'll see what we can do.


I'm not satisfied with what I ordered and it's totally your fault — can I return or exchange it?

We want you to love what you've ordered from us. If that's not the case, please reach out to with as much information about why you're unhappy with your order and we'll see if we can work something out.


I'm not satisfied with what I ordered and it's my own fault — can I return or exchange it?

If you've ordered the wrong item or size of something, etc. and would like to return or exchange it, you'll have to cover the shipping cost. Please email with what you'd like to return/exchange and we'll let you know what the shipping fee will be. If you're looking to exchange an item, we'll have to make sure the item you'd like to exchange for is in stock. Once we've received your return in our office, we'll refund you in full. For exchanges, we'll send out your exchange upon receiving payment to re-ship your new item.


I'd like to cancel my order.

You can do so at any time prior to us shipping it by emailing orders at along with your order number and intent to cancel. We'll promptly refund you in full.


I accidentally provided the wrong shipping address!

If you catch this error quickly, and if we haven't shipped your order yet, please email with your order number and the correct mailing address. We'll make the change on our end and ship to your new address. If we've already shipped your order to the incorrect address you accidentally provided, we'll have to wait for the order to be returned to us and you'll need to pay for re-shipping the item to your new address. In either scenario, please email us with your order info and new address!


Can I subscribe to a series of comics through your site?

We’re really glad you like our stuff! Currently, there’s no real way for us to start a subscription for individual titles/customers (we’re working on it) but you can subscribe at your local comic shop, or, if you don’t mind reading digitally, through ComiXology.